``- Our strength is in the mix and the quality assurance``
A broad mix of skilled people
- Our workforce is made up of a mix of skilled people with a broad mix of backgrounds, experience and education

Our staff 

Our staff consists of a capable assortment of people with a broad blend of backgrounds, experience and training.  Through staff with experience from everything from commercial professions, engineering occupations to service occupations and guard duties, we fit well into each client’s unique environment. 

PreCont’s services are supplied only by its own employees based in one of our offices in the country.  Approximately 120 different people carry out assignments, ongoing, for various clients each month.  A large part of the staff is working in long as well as short-term projects where people continually are switched, as the assignments’ character often requires variation of a number of different faces and people. 

In our recruitment process, it is always included to physically meet and personally interview all people who are being considered for employment.  Besides theoretical internal training, our staff undergoes internship with supervisors before they carry out on their own. Each specific service requires its training and we prefer to work with a smaller number of people who specialize in particular services and missions, in order to maximize the quality of delivery as well as in the reporting.  All assignments across the country are planned centrally by our planning unit about exactly when, where, by whom and how they should be conducted and we provide all the tools necessary to carry out the missions. 

PreCont Academy 

All staff undergoes a unique mission-specific internal training according to our model “PreCont Academy”.  The internal training consists of a careful theoretical analysis and workshops focused on the various services with practical training in different environments.  Moreover, there is more personal and practical exercise with experienced supervisors and the team manager.  All services are different from one another and have varying requirements profiles and characteristics of staff.  Generally, staff is specialized on one or more service types.

Login to the staff portal

Log in to the staff portal to find for example templates, schedule, plans and other information necessary for your assignments. 


Online training to staff 

Log on to our training portal to get to PreCont’s online training. Here you can complete the training program with the corresponding tests for the service or specific assignment at hand. 


If you want to know more about our services or ask for a quote, we will call you back within 24 hours.