Control Services
- We work with all forms of control services where all services have it in common to focus on internal shrinkage and/or quality measurement/quality assurance.

We work with all possible forms of control services that target internal shrinkage and quality measurement.  Our services are provided for clients throughout the country and we are active in the whole country.

Our three main business areas:


Control Services

  • Sales Controls
  • Delivery Controls
  • Age Controls
  • Bar / Club Controls
  • License checks
  • Internal shrinkage investigation
  • Reconnaissance missions / Infiltration
  • Tax audits

Mystery Shopping

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Mystery Eating
  • Mystery Guest
  • Mystery Calls
  • Mystery Car Service
  • Market surveys
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Hotel / conference controls



  • Exit controls
  • Store controls
  • Safety training
  • Uniformed guarding
  • Concierge service
  • Rental of hidden cameras

Other services:

  •  Vehicle controls 
  •  Inventory controls 
  •  Music controls 
  •  Consultant at confrontation / personnel reduction 
  •  Other requirements-adapted special assignments

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