– Means daring without knowing. I will always work actively to have confidence in myself, that other people will have confidence in me and for me to have confidence in others.


Means daring without knowing.  I will always work actively to have confidence in myself, that other people will have confidence in me and for me to have confidence in others. Then I can talk to other people about what I want and when I want it.  I can easily delegate a task and with a calm gut feeling trust that the assignment is in safe hands.


I will always listen, see and try to understand other people. I treat others as I want to be treated.  If someone in my environment is behaving strangely, I want to find out why.  If someone thinks that I behave strangely, I want it to find out why.  I’ll always have a respectful attitude of humility towards other people.  If a person has not lived up to my expectations, I’ll always give clear feedback in a respectful manner, to help the other to develop.  But I’ve never got the right to violate another person.  I’ll also always have respect towards mine and others’ assignments and I will always have the desire to understand. 


I have an absolute personal responsibility for myself in everything I say, think and do.  I take my responsibilities and take an active 100% responsibility for them at all times and I always want to try to understand.  It is always my responsibility to be motivated and to participate.  If I do not feel motivated, I must always ask myself the question: Why am I not motivated? 

Positive Attitude 

I’ll always have a positive attitude, be happy and spread happiness.  My approach is the way I think, which constantly shows itself in my body language. A positive attitude always invites to positive results.  I will constantly give of myself and show as much as I can of my charisma. Then we will have fun together. 


Through a strong commitment, I always feel passion for what I do, which is visible in others and reflected in my results.  This contributes to development and new insights for me as well as my surroundings.  Am I here to have something to do, or am I here to do something? 


I’m always straightforward, open and honest with other people and with myself.  I am not afraid to share my thoughts and feelings. This transparency contributes to an increased sense of confidence and empowerment. 


I can never be too clear, as long as my aim always is to understand or to get a different understanding.  I’ll always be clear in my way of communicating with other people.  I must never be passive and assume or hope that another man should have understood, without being absolutely sure.  I am also always consistent in my clarity which helps me and others to grow. 

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