Control Services
We work with all forms of control services where all services have it in common to focus on internal shrinkage and/or quality measurement/quality assurance.

Sales Control 

[Trial purchases / Test purchases / Cash control] 

With a focus on cash management 

Our staff visits the client’s different places and makes purchases of goods.  They check carefully that the cashier registers the correct amount at checkout and receives payments properly in accordance with company rules.  In our concept, we usually combine this investigation with a quality control as an added value. 

Purpose: Detecting and above all preventing irregularities from staff at checkout. 

Delivery Controls

To detect and prevent deviations in deliveries 

At the stock the received goods to the store are monitored.  We check carefully the whole consignment, where quantity and quality is assessed and checked against the left delivery note.

Purpose: to signal to suppliers that the store takes seriously the conscious and unconscious deviations and prioritizes the highest accuracy 

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