About PreCont
About PreCont
- PreCont is the leading provider of inspection services and Mystery Shopping. We deliver services throughout the country and have clients in more or less all locations from Ystad to Kiruna
Om Precont
About the company
PreCont is a family-run, niche security and investigative company. With more than 25 years of experience and over 12,000 client objects we today cover the whole country. We are proud to be a leading company in the industry and one of Sweden's fastest growing companies.

Our main objective is to prevent and detect internal shrinkage and measure and improve the client experience.  Our services are used in retail, food retail, hotel, restaurant and nightclubs, gaming, shipping, rail and airlines to provide our clients with increased knowledge, reduced shrinkage and a good control of their business. 

All our services have in common that they are focusing on internal shrinkage and/or quality measurement/routine monitoring.  Our services are performed only by self-recruited and trained staff based in our offices in the country.

``We aim to be the leading company in the segment control services as well as being an attractive employer.``
Business concept
``PreCont provides quality control services. With long experience and a well-established reputation, PreCont should be the obvious choice of supplier for inspection services that gives clients greater knowledge, reduced shrinkage and better control.``
Development of 12 years
``A unique success story``
Utveckling på 12 år:
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